Story featured in The Perfect Daily Grind website

Story featured in The Perfect Daily Grind website

We have been privledged that our story was featured on Perfect Daily Grind website. 


A short excerpt:


To combat this growing issue, the governments of the Golden Triangle teamed up with the United Nations International Drug Control Program and began what they called opium replacement; here’s where our wonderful beans come in once again.

Alongside sugarcane, coconuts, cacao, and a few other profitable crops, coffee was introduced to Thailand on a widespread and near-industrial level. Coffee has since grown into one of the country’s favorite cash crops, filling commercially and community-owned fields and paddies across Chiang Mai.


Thailand Today: Opium Replaced with Coffee

Today, Thailand is one of the most successful examples of opium replacement. Coffee now plays a key role in the Thai economy, and the ITDP is still running strong. Richard and Marlene’s son, Michael, runs Lanna Coffee Company in Northern Thailand. Over 150 villages now grow sustainable Thai specialty coffee, and 100% of the crops are owned by the villagers who now sell their coffee at up to twice the Fair Trade value price. Just like their coffee, tribal villages have grown with the strength of united communities and a love for the wildest of wild lands.