How Easy It Is to Make Pour Over Coffee

In this blog post I want to share with you my favorite method to brew coffee. Pour over Coffee!

Personally, this is one of my favorite ways that my wife and I enjoy Lanna Coffee at home.

It is prepared by using a pour over mug in which hot water is manually poured over the coffee grounds, efficiently extracting the lovely and precious dynamics of the coffee. It leads to a complex cup of coffee where flavors may have never tasted will shine. 




Here are the tools needed:

  • The Pour Over Coffee Dripper
  • Pour over filter (matching the size of your dripper)
  • Hot water Kettle
  • Filtered Water
  • Coffee Mug (preferably one with a Lanna Logo)
  • Finely ground LANNA coffee (Breakfast is my favorite)

1. Heat water up to 200 degrees F, grind your coffee grounds fine (about the size of fine table salt).

2. Pre-rinse coffee filter (gets rid of paper taste)


3. Measure 3 tbsp. into your filter that is placed within your pour over cone (ideally for 10oz cup)

4. Begin the first pour by covering the grounds,  making sure that all of them are soaked. Allow to stand for 30 seconds (this allows proper heating of the coffee grounds - there will be a neat BLOOM from grounds.


5. After 30 seconds, make your second pour, going back and forth across the grounds getting close to filling your filter all the way up (pouring over dark spots).

6. Allow draining and filling of filter or up till your coffee mug will be at its desired level.

7. Enjoy! Compost the filter and coffee creating increased environmental sustainability!

 Please let me know how you liked this process, as your feedback is highly valued. Ask to borrow a friends set up if you don't have one! Email me at

I hope you try making pour over coffee yourself and come to like this method as much as me!