About Our New Artisan Roast!

Hello fellow coffee lovers! Hope all is well with you! We are happy to announce we are launching a new roast! It is our Artisan Roast and we are really excited for you to try it! 

If you love the sweet and citric flavors of our Breakfast Roast then you will love our Artisan Roast because of it’s sweet chocolate and citric taste. Our Artisan Roast stands out from the rest of our roasts because of it’s combination of light, velvety and sweet tastes that everyone can enjoy!

And did I mention it has a higher caffeine content? Because of the bean roasting process, more caffeine is left in the bean in a light roast than in a dark roast. 

As always, we use 100% Arabica beans from our partnership with the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. We are happy that our partnership with the hill tribes has allowed us to bring you a new roast and continue our mission of improving the lives of the people in Thailand. 



Thanks for continually supporting our mission and believing in what we do here at Lanna and helping us to continue our work and partnership with the small coffee farmers in Thailand.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur or someone that just simply likes coffee, our Artisan Roast will definitely peak your interest if you give it a try. So we encourage you to try our new specialty roast and see what Artisan has to offer!

But don’t take it from us, try it yourself! And buy it on our website! Use the code 'artisan' at checkout and receive 10% off your Artisan roast purchase.

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