Clean Drinking Water : Be a part of the change!

We talk a lot about how the money is reinvested in the lives of the farmers in Thailand and one of those is by digging water wells. Clean drinking water is necessary and sadly something many people do not have access to. It is said as many as 1 in 9 people do not have access to clean water worldwide. That’s 780 million people without access to clean water. To say this is a problem is an understatement and is clearly something that needs our immediate attention and action.

It is estimated 200 million people living in Southeast and East Asia do not have access to clean water. These numbers are shocking, as they should be, but you can be part of the solution. By purchasing our direct trade coffee, you are supporting our mission to better the lives of the hill tribe people and provide opportunities for self-sustainability. This is done through a variety of projects such as education, economic and a high priority is clean water projects.

In North America, water is just something we have and is part of life, but without it people have contaminated water leading to disease. Since there are limited options, people have to drink the unclean water.  

Infographic courtesy of Richard Mann

The process of water purification may seem complicated, so here is an infographic provided by our friends at ITDP, the Integrated Tribal Development Program, to better explain it.

As you can see, impure water is poured into a clean water system in which the elements such as gravel, charcoal and sand separate and sink to the bottom. Leaving only the clean water at the top to be saved and used. It is important to purify water because it prevents diseases and leads to better overall general health for the people that rely on it.

With easier accessibility to cleaner water, people can have increased opportunity in agriculture and allow them to have fishponds and garden. But the tools needed for this process and to provide enough water for villages are expensive. That is why even with ITDP’s efforts, they can not reach every village in need.

Clean drinking water is a serious problem and it is not going to get better without action. We are happy to partner with ITDP to help provide the funds for more wells. Access to clean drinking water is a high priority for ITDP and we want to do our part in supporting them. Our friends at ITDP have developed over 250 water projects thus far, which is a great start and proof clean water can be a reality.

Water should not be a privilege, but a right. Help us bring awareness and create more access to clean drinking water for those in need. This furthers the holistic approach Lanna Coffee Co and ITDP have in enriching the lives of people in Thailand and moving them towards self-sustainability. Access to clean water is just one tool we use to do that.