Part of SCAA: Why it's Important

The SCAA is the Speciality Coffee Association of America and they are highly respected among the coffee community for being a trusted reference for quality coffee. The SCAA is the largest coffee association and is compiled of nearly 2,500 members that support the work and trade of speciality coffee. We are honored to be a part of such a group that is really passionate about changing the old view of coffee which looked at it as just a simple beverage but rather one that can change lives domestically and internationally. 

There slogan is 'Because Great Coffee Doesn't Just Happen'. That's similar to our thinking in that we know for our coffee to be great, we need to pay attention to details and the farming procedures. It is because we want great coffee that we ensure many quality checks and the beans to be hand sorted and use no pesticides to promote the natural growing process. 

The SCAA is respected and a trusted reference in the coffee world, so being a part of it sets us a part and shows to the world that our coffee true is of high value. Being involved with a group of people so interested in coffee helps better ourselves and learn more about the coffee community.

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