The Impact in One Man's Life - Soksan

The Impact in One Man's Life - Soksan

The impact of Lanna Coffee goes not just to 1 person, 1 community but to his/her family and future generations to come. Richard Mann was able to get together with Soksan a few weeks ago and ask him why does coffee farming make a difference in his life. 

Tribal Group: Karen

Village: Som Poi

Q: How long have you been a coffee farmer?

A: I have been a coffee farmer for 7 years.

Q: What were you doing before growing coffee, and why did you switch?

A: I was growing cabbage before, but it was very difficult because it required a lot of maintenance, and the price was not very high.  With coffee, It can grow naturally with zero pesticides, and I can get a much higher price.

Q: How has growing coffee affected your life?

A: I enjoy growing coffee because it is a respectable crop to grow in this area. It provides me with enough money to send my 3 kids to school. This is an opportunity that I never had, so I am happy to be able to see my kids receive an education.     

Q: Is there anything that you would like to say to the customers that will be drinking your coffee?

A: Thank you so much for supporting us here in Thailand. We take great pride in being able to produce a coffee that you enjoy and hopefully this will continue for many years!

The coffee that is purchased through our site or for your business makes impacts that provide education, clean water and healthcare for villagers. GREAT COFFEE : GREAT MISSION