Lanna Teams Up with Local Dairy!

Lanna Teams Up with Local Dairy!



On June 23rd Lanna Coffee Co. and Rosa Brothers Milk Company released their newest collaborative product, a delicious coffee milk. The product is called, “Cold Brew Coffee Milk" and honors Rosa's tradition of quality flavored milks. 

Rosa Brothers Milk Company  and Lanna Coffee Co were both winners of the Fresno Food Expo’s Fred Ruiz Entrepreneurial Award and it was suiting that they would collaborate on such an endeavor. 


So what is Cold Brew Coffee Milk? Essentially, it is cold brew concentrate mixed with milk to create a sweet, rich, cold drink. It’s a perfect, quick drink for anyone dealing with the valley’s summer heat. For non-regular coffee/cold brew drinkers, Cold Brew Coffee Milk is an excellent introductory product to start with because the cold brew coffee flavor is not as strong as regular coffee drinks.



Regular coffee drinkers such as Ms. B. Martinez, the store manager of Starbucks in Fresno’s Tower District, was excited and supportive to hear of both Lanna’s and Rosa’s collaboration together. After tasting the coffee milk at the product release party, her impressions of the product was that it was smooth and creamy. In fact, she stated, enhancing the coffee flavor would be the only thing she’d change.

Another individual at the event, Ms. B. Luallen, even noted that the taste was rich and “almost like melted coffee ice cream.” Mmm… melted coffee ice cream. Let that image sit in your minds for a bit.

Cold Brew Coffee Milk will be sold in local retails stores such as the Rosa Brothers Milk Company store in Tulare, BL Quality Meats in Visalia, The Market in Fresno, along with Food 4 Less stores.

It has been a wonderful experience for Lanna to be able to collaborate with Rosa Brothers for this product. Many thanks to all who contributed time and dedication into making this product a reality.  

 Written by Pa Lee, 2017 Summer Intern.