Specialty Coffee Expo Trip- Seattle, WA

Specialty Coffee Expo Trip- Seattle, WA

Reflections from our CEO...

 For the past 3 years Lanna has had the opportunity to attend the Specialty Coffee Association Expo. It is an annual conference that convenes all of those whom are involved in specialty coffee in one place to learn and grow together as an industry; from coffee producers to roasting companies to equipment manufactures.


This year was special, a majority of our team chose to go and invest into the community of specialty coffee. Cory (Our Head of Production and Roaster), Kelsey (former wholesale trainer and event coordinator), Kelly (our Administrative Director/Company Organizer), Matt (our Chief Operations dude) and myself (our CEO) traveled to Seattle, WA.



There were many lectures that were attended and enjoyed by our team (from sustainable careers in coffee, to how to extract the best espresso possible). However, I think what I came away with was that no matter what, the heart of our business is simple: its relationships.... Although it sounds so cliché, it’s a fact that I was reminded about when you have the farmer that grew the coffee grinding the coffee, setting it up and brewing it right in front of you. There is a powerful opportunity when as the roaster, we also bag it up and mail it to you. The circle becomes complete when it goes into your cup.

At the end of the day, Lanna Coffee Co is the business of completing the circle by giving our best to handle the green coffee from Thailand: roasting, then packing and finally delivering.


When we think simply from a business perspective, ‘how can Lanna continue to grow and fulfill its mission?” The answer is simple: develop relationships.

Through emails, Thailand trips, roasts, handshakes, air-pots of brewed coffee, high fives and deliveries it comes down to relationships.

We appreciate you and your support of Lanna.



Thank you.

-Bryan Feil, CEO.


Cover Photo by Michael Discenza on Unsplash


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