Why I Do What I Do...

Why I Do What I Do...

A CEO's Story of Lanna Coffee Co

 It is almost weekly that I get to share what makes Lanna Coffee Co. unique in this ever growing specialty coffee culture. Sharing this provides me great joy and constantly reminds me that what we are seeking to accomplish is lofty, challenging, and one that I am increasingly excited to engage in on a daily basis.


I have a heart for business, I have a heart to see business redeemed and transformed. Creating a transaction in which all parties involved mutually benefit and create a positive change in our world is what excites me.


Before working with Lanna I did the same with my previous organization (Neighborhood Industries) in which we provided job training with those who are unemployed and needing a opportunity to gain skills – we primarily accomplished this through donations within our thrift store – Neighborhood Thrift. With Lanna Coffee Co the goal is very much in line with Neighborhood Industries, taking a product (coffee), buying it in a responsible/fair way from the farmers, importing/roasting/bagging/brewing/grinding/shipping and delivering it to those who see the value in great coffee with a great mission.


However, what make Lanna distinct is our relationships. Relationships with the villages and partners that work so hard each year to grow this coffee. Relationships with our partner ITDF (integrated tribal development foundation) that has worked tirelessly in the hills of Northern Thailand to reach as many villages as they can with the hope and love that they are valued.


This is a journey that we cannot do without you. Without those who love coffee, and love knowing that each cup of coffee they drink has created hope.... Hope that those who drink the coffee they are harvesting, shipping, roasting and packaging enjoy it. Hope that you are connected although very far apart from each other.

A journey that provides a business for the farmer that has the ability to take him/her above poverty to a place that he/she can provide education and support for his/her children.


 Thank you for taking time to read this and ask that you continue supporting through ordering coffee for your home or business. We have many roasts and know that there is one that will surely be the right for you.

-Bryan Feil, Chief Executive Officer


 Bryan with his wife, Kim, and their two children Cora Rose and Reid Samuel