Drink Great Coffee and Create Clean Water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes Lanna so unique?


Answer: Lanna is more than a caffeinated drink to enjoy in the morning, but it is having a positive impact on the hill tribes of Thailand. We help fund educational, healthcare and clean water projects in the hill tribes where our farmers are from. Here in North America we are privileged to have the lives and opportunities we have and we use Lanna as a way to give back and to see positive change happen in Thailand.


2) How do I adjust my coffee subscription? (ex: change roast type, frequency, etc.)


Answer: The first and best place to start is to login to your account that you would have created at this link: http://www.lannacoffeeco.com/account/login. You can click the forgot password if you are needing to reset it. You can then manage your:


Address of shipment/Billing Details


Type of Coffee


3) Is your coffee organic?


Answer: Though we do not have the official accreditation and seal from the USDA, we are in all other ways organic. We are proud that our farmers use no pesticides or fertilizers in the farming process. And we teach our farmers the most economically friendly practices that produce better coffee and long term sustainability for the land.


4). How is Fair Trade different from Direct Trade?


Answer: In short Fair Trade involves more people in the process to bring coffee to a buyer, therefore giving the farmers less money in the end. Also coffee is typically bought for a lower price and there are no incentives for higher quality product because there are typically flat prices.

Direct Trade on the other hand, encourages sustainability and has a desire for community development. There are mutual agreements between the farmers to negotiate prices and in fact, we pay our farmers upwards of 15 to 20% more than the fair trade value. We do this to ensure our farmers are not just surviving, but becoming sustainable and moving out of poverty.


5) How much money for one bag of coffee goes back to the farmers?


Answer: Though we do direct trade with the farmers, there are still a lot of steps and costs along the way. It’s hard to say a specific number goes directly to them, but we assure you they are receiving a great and fair price for their quality beans. The goal annually is to be able to make profits in which 25% of will go back to help our partner ITDP (www.itdpinternational.org) to continue the work that they do in the hill tribes. This could mean additional water wells being created or investment into teachers for the school up in our central village.


6) Can I buy just one bag or do I have to sign up for the Lanna Subscription service?


Answer: Yes, there is a place to buy one bag at a time. It is located at the bottom of our page "Shop Products." Here we have all of our 1 time purchases (mugs/shirts/various coffees). We encourage people to sign up for our Lanna subscription because it is easy to get quality coffee sent to their door every month without having to remember to order. We want people to love our coffee and to keep coming back, Lanna subscription is how we make that easy for loyal and returning customers to have the freshest possible coffee without ever running out again.


7) I’m new to coffee. How should I choose the roast?


Answer: Learn about our roasts here, it is a great starting point, but then try others as you go!. We also encourage you to read the short description about each roast and discover which you may lean towards. Artisan is our flagship product and would be our recommendation for you to start with. However, with our subscription you can adjust your roast each shipment til you believe you have found your holy grail.

If you enjoy tasting the nuisance that makes our beans from Thailand different from others you may have tried, we suggest the Artisan Roast. However if you like the dark roast where the roasting drives more of the taste, French Roast may be the right choice for you. And of course right in the middle is the ever popular House Roast. This is a general guide that may provide some framework for your decision.


8) Other questions we didn’t answer?


Answer: Email us at info@lannacoffeeco.com. We will gladly answer any of your other questions.