Our Coffee

Lanna Coffee Co. exists to provide economic opportunity and hope for the people of the hill tribes of northern Thailand while maintaining sustainable, ethical, and beneficial growing and business practices. The northern Thailand region has previously relied on growing opium for economic survival, and Lanna aims to change that one coffee tree, one farmer, and one village at a time. By purchasing Lanna coffee, you not only enjoy some of the best coffee on the planet, you also make a true, positive impact in your world.

Through our direct partnership with Thai growers, we implement these farming/business principles:

We work directly with the farmers to ensure high quality standards and great relationships. We truly see this as a partnership; not just a typical supplier relationship.
Our farmers plant coffee trees among the existing forest. This not only allows the rainforest canopy to provide shade for the coffee trees (shade grown), it also guarantees that the coffee trees are an added element to the ecosystem rather than one that destroys the ecosystem.
Although we are not yet certified organic, our farmers do not use pesticides or fertilizers in the growing process. This ensures long-term sustainability for our farmers and for the growing environment. It also allows you to enjoy your coffee without worrying about harmful chemicals or other additives. Our coffee is fantastic because of the high altitude and ample rainfall in the region.
We pay more than authentic fair trade standards for our coffee to over 500 hardworking farming families in order to ensure long term sustainability for their amazing work. We are committed to treating everyone involved in bringing Lanna Coffee to your home with the utmost respect and care.
Our coffee’s low acidity level offers a gentle flavor without the burnt bitter aftertaste, no matter what roast profile you prefer. We think you’ll really enjoy the excellent flavor profiles only found in coffee from northern Thailand.