Our Roasts

At Lanna Coffee, we seek to create roasts that match your unique preferences. We ensure your coffee beans are cared for throughout their journey from Thailand by checking for quality and consistency. The descriptions below will help you find the perfect roast.

Our coffee is grown at elevations between 3,600 and 4,200 feet in several villages in the northern province of Thailand. Our coffee varietal is Catimor. The process that we use for our coffee beans is wet unless it is otherwise noted.

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Pa Kha (LIGHT ROAST) - Notes: Blueberry - Caramel - Brown Sugar

Named after the Thai village where it's grown, our Pa Kha roast benefits from a natural process that brings out unique and fruity flavor notes. Great for coffee lovers who enjoy lighter roasts, our Pa Kha is bright and effervescent with notes of blueberry, caramel, and brown sugar. Try our Pa Kha as a pour over for the perfect cup of coffee to start your day. 

Doi Chang (LIGHT ROAST) - Notes: Macadamia - Sweet Bread - Mellow

For more than 20 years, coffee has been sprouting in the hills of Doi Chang, the largest village producing Arabica coffee in Northern Thailand. Doi Chang is a living example of how coffee is able to transform lives. Once a community dependent on growing opium, which led to the mistreatment of villagers, coffee is now an active ingredient in growth and financial sustainability for Doi Chang inhabitants. Set at 1400 meters on a stunning mountainside, Doi Chang’s coffee is vibrant, clean and exceptional thanks to the practice and attention Doi Chang farmers give each step of the coffee’s journey.

With hints of macadamia and sweet bread, our Doi Chang roast is an excellent choice for savvy coffee drinkers looking to level up their morning coffee experience. Our Doi Chang roast is on the lighter side of the roasting profile, making it a great candidate for your morning pour over. 

Artisan (LIGHT ROAST) - Notes: Bright - Sweet - Floral

A bright roast with crisp floral notes and bourbon sweetness, our Artisan roast is an excellent addition to your morning brew. In addition to its high caffeine content, our Artisan roast produces a clean velvety finish that is sure to brighten your morning. 

Som Poi Honey (LIGHT ROAST) - Notes: Brown Butter - Pie Crust - Vanilla

Som Poi is significant for many reasons, including being one of the strongest communities that our partner has been sourcing for over 25 years. Even more, coffee production has been part of this community’s story for more than 40 years. Karen villagers migrated from Myanmar into the Thailand hill country more than 150 years ago, and despite having a nomadic history, they have remained united through it all. Today, more than 500 villagers, including 37 farmers, make up Som Poi. Villagers use both honey and washed processes.

Formerly our Honey Artisan roast, our Som Poi coffee contains notes of brown butter, pie crust, and vanilla.

House (Medium Roast) - Notes: Balanced - Vanilla - Nutty

A medium bodied balanced roast with vanilla undertones and a lingering nutty finish. Our House is roasted in the medium levels on our scale, becoming a sure crowd pleaser. There are hints of vanilla and a natural caramelization that come to the forefront of your coffee experience. 

Sanuk Espresso (Medium Roast) - Notes: Molasses - Malt - Cocoa

Smooth and balanced with notes of molasses, malt, and cocoa, our Sanuk Espresso is sure to be a crowd-pleasure. Thai for striving to achieve satisfaction and pleasure from whatever you do, our Sanuk is well-developed making it great for all brewing methods. 

Decaf House (Medium Roast) - Notes: Balanced - Dark Chocolate - Fruit.

Well balanced with notes of stone fruit and dark chocolate, our Decaf House is roasted to the same degree as our House roast (noted above) but without the caffeine. Our Decaf House is produced with an all natural water process with no harsh chemicals

French (Dark Roast) - Notes: Full Body - Roasty - Chocolatey

A full bodied roast with rich chocolate notes and a roasty undertone. If bold is what you seek then French is your answer. It is roasted to our darkest roast profile and maintains a sheen of its natural oil. For a dark roast, our French roast is very low bitter taste and acidity.


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