Our New Shipment Has Arrived!

We are happy to announce our newest shipment of beans from Thailand has arrived!
40,000 pounds of green beans are ready to be roasted and sent to you! 
Curious about how the beans get from Thailand to the Central Valley? Check out our recent Blog Post, Journey of Our Coffee: From Coffee Tree in Thailand to Your Cup, to learn more in depth. As for this post, we want to update you and keep you in the loop of what is going on with our beans and ensuring the coffee you receive is the freshest it can be.
The beans made their way from Chiang Mai and filled a container and started its journey across the Pacific Ocean in early May. Last week they arrived at the Port of Los Angeles and since then, with the help of our volunteers, the bags of beans were transferred from the container to a better suited location to store green beans in San Diego. There the beans are kept in a cool environment until they are roasted and sent to you.

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