What does Lanna mean? Find out its significance!

People often ask and wonder why we are named Lanna Coffee. Well, our founders decided on the name because 'Lanna' in Thailand refers to the honor and pride associated with farming in Northern Thailand. They wanted a name which gave the farmers pride to be part of and we feel 'Lanna' embodies that. 

Literally speaking, it is a popular Thai word that refers to "the old north" where rice was commonly grown as a staple for farmers to provide for their families. This explains the other long standing meaning of Lanna, "a million rice fields". There was honor associated with growing rice because it provided for the nation and most of Asia. 

So as you can see, in Thailand 'Lanna' is not associated with coffee to the farmers, but pride and honor for the tradition of providing for their families and the nation. We are also glad that our farmers are in the same region as the word 'Lanna' originates, which gives the name more meaning to them. And to know they are sustaining their families and bringing you great coffee. 

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