What does Lanna mean? Find out its significance!

People often ask and wonder why we are named Lanna Coffee. Well, our founders decided on the name because 'Lanna' in Thailand refers to the honor and pride associated with farming in Northern Thailand. They wanted a name which gave the farmers pride to be part of and we feel 'Lanna' embodies that. 

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Our New Shipment Has Arrived!

We are happy to announce our newest shipment of beans from Thailand has arrived! 40,000 pounds of green beans are ready to be roasted and sent to you!  Curious about how the beans get from Thailand to the Central Valley? Check out this post to learn more! We want to update you and keep you in the loop of what is going on with our beans and ensuring the coffee you receive is the freshest it can be.

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What is Shade Grown? The Importance of Coffee Being Shade Grown

When shopping for coffee have you ever come across fancy terms you didn’t fully understand? Well coffee and the roasting process is complex, so in this blog post I want to explain the importance of growing coffee in a shade grown environment and how it contributes to ecological sustainability. Here at Lanna Coffee, we care that our coffee is grown in a shade grown environment because it has positive environmental impacts and long term benefits.

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