Why Buy Lanna?

You can change the world daily - and it starts with coffee. 

At Lanna Coffee, we believe the products that we buy have the ability to make our world better. That's why we donate a portion of our profits each year to support various projects in Thailand, including clean water systems. 

This means that each day that you brew Lanna Coffee, you are making our world better. 

In 2019, your purchases alone allowed us to fund a clean water system that will provide over 7 million gallons of clean water over the next 20 years. Our foundation, The Lanna Foundation, works directly with our partners in Northern Thailand to help identify and build the water system alongside of the villagers. Providing clean water leads to healthier lives for each family member and increased opportunity for the hill tribe peoples living in these areas. 

families enjoying lanna coffee around the kitchen table

At Lanna Coffee, our mission is simple: Make fantastic coffee while using our profits to improve the lives of our farmers and partners in Northern Thailand


To put it plainly, without you our model doesn't work. Unlike a nonprofit organization that fundraises to secure the money needed to tackle social problems, we "fundraise" by selling great products. This process, along with running a successful business, is what provides us the resources to support different initiatives that help improve the quality of life of our farmers and partners in Northern Thailand. One initiative that we've supported is clean water.

Water is a basic human right, yet over 650 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. * Imagine having to spend half of your day collecting contaminated water on foot from nearby streams and then repeating this over and over again every week….  The time it takes to gather water and the potential contamination hazards within this water lead to decreased opportunities to help support your family unit and sickness for everyone.

We work with our partner Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF) to help meet the need for access to clean water and latrines in Northern Thailand. ITDF has been working with the Northern Hill Tribes in Thailand for 25 years officially but has long since been an advocate for sustainable change.


The why is important to Lanna Coffee Co but it works better with a partnership between the producers (farmers/villages in Thailand) and the consumers (YOU!). We are the link between the two and are proud to be able to bring the hard work that is put in daily on the farms here to the United States. 


  • CAREFULLY SOURCED. Our beans are primarily from a single source, but you'll always know their history. 
  • SHADE GROWN. Our coffee requires no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • FAIRLY TRADED. We treat growers and the environment with respect. 

You can learn about our process here 

Coffee is not only a product that fuels us but one that is a tool to create a positive impact for generations. 

Thank you for considering Lanna as your daily brew that gives back with every sip you take.