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Our Roasts

At Lanna Coffee we seek to create roasts that you are sure to enjoy and will match your preference. Our beans are cared for along the entire journey from Thailand to your cup and at each level we check for quality and consistency. Below, the descriptions will allow you to find the best fit for you!

Lanna coffee is grown between 3600 and 4200 ft in several villages in the northern province of Thailand. Our coffee varietal is Catimor. The process that we use for our beans is wet unless it is otherwise noted.

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Artisan (LIGHT ROAST) - Notes: Bright, Sweet, Floral

A lively, bright roast with distinct floral tastes and a hint of sweetness with crisp finish. Those who enjoy craft coffee roasters will prefer this roast as it really brings out distinct notes. It is our lightest roast and sure to knock your socks off with its higher caffeine levels that the others.

House (MEDIUM ROAST) - Notes: Balanced - Vanilla - Nutty

A medium bodied balanced roast with vanilla undertones and a lingering nutty finish. Our house is roasted in the medium levels on our scale, becoming a sure crowd pleaser. There are hints of vanilla and a natural caramelization that come to forefront of your coffee experience. 





French (DARK ROAST) - Notes: Full Body - Roasty - Chocolatey

A full bodied roast with rich chocolate notes and a roasty undertone. If bold is what you seek then French is your answer. It is roasted to our darkest roast profile and maintains a sheen of its natural oil. For a dark roast it is very low bitter taste and acidity.

Decaf House (MEDIUM ROAST) - Notes: Balanced - Dark Chocolate - Fruit.

Well balanced with notes of stone fruit and dark chocolate. It is roasted to the same degree as our house roast (noted above) but has no caffeine. It is all natural water processed with no harsh chemicals!