Our Story

Lanna Coffee was founded with an audacious objective: to offer a premium coffee from a nontraditional region for the purpose of improving the living conditions of that same region. 

Every business starts with a problem. Ours was pervasive poverty in Northern Thailand. There are over half a million hill tribe villagers, made up of refugee peoples from Burma, Myanmar, Laos, China and more, in Northern Thailand who live below the poverty line. According to statistics from the World Bank, some areas of Thailand see poverty rates over 30 percent.  

village in thailand the grows lanna coffee

Turns out others were focused on the problem as well, including the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation or ITDF. ITDF slowly began partnering with villages to train and equip them to grow and sell coffee. Today, over 40 villages grow coffee beans as part of the first fair trade coffee co-op in Thailand and, with your help, Lanna Coffee is one of the largest buyers of Thai coffee in the U.S. This commitment has allowed us to encourage other farmers to convert their farms over to coffee, providing them with a much more stable revenue source to provide for their families. 

Purchasing Lanna Coffee is what allows this wonderful cycle to continue to turn. 

water projects in Thailand

400 farms In Northern Thailand are 100% farmer-owned. We deal directly with these farmers who supply us with a single source, pesticide-free coffee.  Won’t you join us on this rewarding meaningful journey? Like so many relationships, it starts with a cup of coffee.