Lanna Goes to Seattle!

Lanna Goes to Seattle!

GUEST BLOG BY KELLY MITCHINSON The venue was buzzing. Literally, the loud murmur of  thousands of people discussing all things coffee, drinking ...

How Hot is Too Hot? Correct Temperatures for Brewing Coffee

How Hot is Too Hot? Correct Temperatures for Brewing Coffee

Written by Guest Blogger,  Michael Hibbs What is the correct temperature at which to brew coffee? Water is often a neglected part of the coffee...

Thailand Trip 2017

Visiting Thailand is always very special. Aaron (our roaster) and myself spent 7 days visiting the motherland. We also had the privilege of being o...

Harvest is upon us!

Give community transformation this Christmas

Packages created for you to give in a way that creates change for communities and is delicious

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"Though there are many coffee options, none have matched the superb quality and missional heart of Lanna.  We are a proud supporter of the w...

2016 Fresno Food Expo Awards

This past week (July 28th) was the Annual Fresno Food Expo. It is a gathering and exhibition of food companies from all over the valley of Californ...

All about COLD BREW! (ours is now available)

Cold Brew Coffee 101

What is cold brew coffee?

Unlike traditional brewing method (pour overs or Keurig), cold brewing coffee replaces heat with time. Ground beans are in contact with room temperature water for certain period of time, usually between 12-24 hours. Cold brew coffee is much less acidic compared to hot coffee because cold water dilutes acid for easy to drink.  

Cold brew coffee is NOT iced coffee

Story featured in The Perfect Daily Grind website

100% of the crops are owned by the villagers who now sell their coffee at up to twice the Fair Trade value price. Just like their coffee, tribal villages have grown with the strength of united communities and a love for the wildest of wild lands.

4 Steps to Better Coffee

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Determining the grind size of your coffee

Coffee Grind Size

In an effort to continually equip you all to make the BEST coffee possible here is our second part to grinding coffee properly. Having the perfect grind is important and here are the details!