Farmer Highlight: Song San

Farmer Highlight: Song San

Song San Mawitalai

Tribal Group: Akha

Village: Doi Chang

Altitude: 1400 meters

Region: Chiang Rai


Q: How is it to be a part of this co-op?

A: I enjoy this co-op very much. It provides me with stability, so I don’t have to worry each year about finding markets, and I can just focus on producing a quality cherry. Having a dependable co-op is important, because some farmers will just sell to the highest bidder, and although that may help them this year, it does not guarantee them a market for next year. This brings down the quota for the entire co-op. I've seen many farmers leave a co-op because a middleman offered them a higher price. The following year, that middleman does not return to buy more, so they struggle to find a market that year.

Q: So, you’ve been a part of this Co-op for a while?

A: Yes, for quite some time now. About 6 years I think.

Q: What is the best part about growing coffee?

A: I think that the best part is that I am able to stay close to home, and be with my family. I enjoy the simplicity of being in my village and not having to go down to the city to find work. The city is a different feeling and very fast paced.   

Q: Did you know that your coffee will be traveling all the way to America this year?

A: Wow, that is very far! It makes me proud to know that my coffee is good enough to reach overseas.

Q: Yes, your coffee is very good and many people in the US enjoy it!

A: Thank you for saying that. It’s good to know that my coffee in Thailand is bringing enjoyment to people all the way in America!  


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