The Village of Pa Kha

The Village of Pa Kha


Pa Kha has been a village in which our partners, Integrated Tribal Development Program have been heavily involved with for over 20 years.  The first clean water system being built in 199, with a school shortly following and now coffee growing heavily in the village as a means of economic stability.

Pha Kha literally translates to “forest of Kha”. “Kha is a type of tree that grows in the area. It is in the Lampang Province of Northern Thailand.


The village is comprised of mainly the Lahu tribe with some Karen villagers as well, for a total of 32 coffee farmers in the village. We feel that it is a privilege to have these farmers source our natural process coffee. The origin of the villagers are traced from Mongolia and China. Now many are 3rd generation immigrants or refugees.





    COFFEE Q & A

    How long has coffee been grown here? Who planted first trees?

    • Have been growing coffee for about 30 years.

    How many farmers?

    • 32 Farming families

    Where does the coffee get milled? Is it individual or community?

    • Coffee is pulped, dried, and dry milled in Chiang Mai at the ITDP Warehouse

    Unique traits to the soil?

    • The terroir is a very fertile, red clay soil

    Just one variety of coffee? Colors of cherries?

    •  Red and Yellow Catimor varietals

    PROCESS: Natural

    TASTING NOTES: Blueberry, Caramel, Brown Sugar

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