Farmer Highlight: Sok San

Farmer Highlight: Sok San

Sok San Arutenee

Tribal Group: Karen

Village: Som Poi

Altitude: 1200 meters

Region: Chiang Mai


Q: How long have you been a coffee farmer?

A: I have been a coffee farmer for 7 years.


Q: What were you doing before growing coffee, and why did you switch?

A: I was growing cabbage before, but it was very difficult because it required a lot of maintenance, and the price was not very high.  With coffee, It can grow naturally with zero pesticides, and I can get a much higher price.


Q: How has growing coffee affected your life?

A: I enjoy growing coffee because it is a respectable crop to grow in this area. It provides me with enough money to send my 3 kids to school. This is an opportunity that I never had, so I am happy to be able to see my kids receive an education.     


Q: Is there anything that you would like to say to the customers that will be drinking your coffee?

A: Thank you so much for supporting us here in Thailand. We take great pride in being able to produce a coffee that you enjoy and hopefully this will continue for many years!




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