Brew Guide

We want you to be confident in your coffee process each and every day. These guides are meant to provide just that, a guide towards coffee to water ratios and simple instructions on how to brew your favorite coffee with your favorite process. For optimal brewing it is best to weigh your coffee but for those who do not have the capabilities I will also include the measuring standard to use. A few basics:

1) Always use filtered water. This makes a massive difference in the quality of the cup!

2) The measurements below are a great place to start, however, what makes us unique is our personal preferences! So...adjust to your specific taste and desire.


For many, the standard 10 cup coffee pot is what many americans utilize to enjoy their brew (we encourage you to continue experimenting with methods).

1) Use about 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water you are brewing.

2) Grind to a medium setting.

3) Use the appropriate lines and markers on your pot to calculate your ratios and fill water to desired level.

4) Turn on, water it brew and consume the beverage when it briefly cools. Let it soak in and be excited about your next adventure.


A French Press is a solid and tasty way to enjoy your coffee and is a great option when needing to brew up more than 1 cup for a friend! We will make this for an 8-cup French Press.

1) Measure 54 grams of your favorite Lanna roast (grind to a medium coarse setting). Heat your water to 200 degrees.

2) Do a quick rinse with the hot water, this warms up the glass and preps the press for enjoyment.

3) Place coffee in press and fill the water about half way up. (should be around 30 seconds)

4) Give it a nice stir, making sure all the grounds are wet.

5) Fill up the press with the remaining water and set a time for 4 min!

6) Once your timer dings, pour it out for yourself (or your friend) and enjoy the flavors that come alive!




A great method for 1 cup at a time and for an extremely flavorful cup that brings out the origins distinct characteristics.

1) Measure 21 grams of coffee (or 3-4 tbsp) and grind it on a fine to medium setting (about the size of table salt). Heat your water to 200 degrees.

2) Set your filter on top of mug, and rinse your filter with warm water (gets rid of the papery taste and preheats the mug).

3) Place pre-measured coffee into filter and make your first pour wetting all the grounds (look for the bloom of the coffee) about 40 grams of water) or light pouring for 10-15 seconds. Let sit for 30 seconds after pouring

4) Pour in small circles from inside to out to around 300 grams (about 1 min or so)

5) Enjoy!

If you have any questions email us at info