Impacting lives in the hill tribes of Northern Thailand

Lanna Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Lanna Coffee Co., which partners with Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP)—a nonprofit based in Thailand working towards ending poverty in local hill tribe villages. This happens primarily through:

 Clean water and sanitation

Providing clean water has been found to improve the general health of hill tribes by assisting in the prevention of water- and soil-borne diseases. This is happening through the construction of clean drinking water systems and bathrooms/latrines in villages. Water resources also provide communities an opportunity to increase agricultural yields, establish gardens for families, and develop fishponds, where space is available.

 Education, social development and health care

Ongoing work is taking place to construct schools, hire teachers, and purchase equipment and supplies. Education gives children an opportunity to gain citizenship so they can further their education and be better accepted into Thai society. Also integral has been work to establish community health clinics, provide training in disease prevention and proper nutrition, and help in the hiring, training and management for the clinic.

 Agriculture programs and micro-enterprising

Villages are provided funds and taught practical skills, enabling them to be self-sufficient. Projects include the areas of livestock, fisheries, cash crops, handicrafts and village store co-ops.

 Direct-trade coffee co-op

Projects provide proper training, tree-seedlings and equipment to resource-poor farmers to ensure standards that can reach international markets. Coffee is sold and roasted in Thailand (Lanna Café) and the United States (Lanna Coffee Co.).

How can I get involved?

Monthly support or one-time donations to help further the work in hill tribe communities 

 Buy coffee – Subscribe and receive coffee delivered directly to your door!

 Join our email subscription to receive periodic updates about the ongoing work in Thailand’s hill tribe villages –

Annual Golf Tournament and other fundraisers. Mark your calendars for April 10, 2017!

You may also choose to donate one time to the general fund to be used for water, agriculture projects, medical care or education.
Mike and Becky Mann (Partner Missionaries)
Mike Mann is a global consultant for rural development for American Baptist International Ministries. Mike has more than 20 years of experience, and he's available to any of our international partners who are interested in developing water and/or agricultural projects.
Mike serves as Director of the Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP), through which he ministers among the hill tribes of northern Thailand. He is currently working on his doctorate in rural and community development at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. Becky, his wife, helps tribal farmers and women's
groups, and works with the parents of special needs children. She also works with ITDP helping to market Thai coffee.
 Mike and Becky live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Three of their four adult children live in the United States.  Their son Richard lives in Chiang Mai and works with his parents for Integrated Tribal Development Program.

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