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Green Beans

Lanna Coffee Co

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Do you roast your own coffee at home and would like to try some of our specialty Grade A Coffee? Make a difference in the world buy roasting our 100% Thai Arabica Green beans. Buy it by the pound here so you never find yourself without your own fresh batch.

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Difference between Honey (pulped natural) and Wet Process coffee:

WET PROCESS: When the cherries are harvested from the tree they go to the depulper (where the seed is taken out of the cherry). This then moves to the washing station where the beans are fermented in the tank (for a few days) and rinsed multiple times in order to take the mucilage layer off form the bean. It heads to the drying beds next. 

HONEY PROCESS: It is harvested the same as wet but AFTER the depulper it goes straight to the drying beds. This then allows the mucilage to stay on the beans (which is a sweet sugary substance) to work itself into the beans (seeds). Both of the process take the same process from here. 

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