Coffee Myths and Facts: 5 Myths About Coffee Answered

Coffee Myths and Facts: 5 Myths About Coffee Answered

This article was guest written by Sierra Dinkins, Fresno Pacific University student and Lanna Coffee intern.

According to the National Coffee Association, 64 percent of Americans ages 18 and over drink at least one cup of coffee a day, with an average daily consumption of 3.2 cups. With this amount of coffee consumption a day, the health risks and benefits of caffeine are extremely important. A moderate amount of caffeine is considered to be three 8 oz. cups of coffee (250 milligrams of caffeine) per day. Six or more 8 oz. cups of coffee per day is considered excessive intake of caffeine. As you read through this article, consider your daily caffeine consumption rate and how it may be connected to your health!

I have heard all sorts of rumors about coffee. When I was a kid, my parents told me I could not have coffee “because it will stunt your growth”.  My peers in college took espresso shots to pull through an all-nighter, saying it will help them stay awake. My friend even told me that coffee is good for your heart! What’s the truth?


1. Coffee stunts your growth.


Coffee does not stunt your growth. According to Healthline, a study tracked 81 women aged 12–18 for six years. It found no difference in bone health between those who had the highest daily caffeine intake, compared to those with the lowest. Therefore, caffeine does not have any direct correlation with calcium absorption.

2. Coffee stimulates the digestive system.

TRUE! Most of us can testify to that...

Coffee is a rich source of caffeine, which can make your colon and intestinal muscles more active. This helps your body push food out more quickly. Makes for a great colon cleanser!

3. Will coffee help you focus?


The National Sleep Foundation says that caffeine is the most popular drug in the world. Caffeine is a stimulant, most people use it after waking up in the morning or to remain alert during the day. It can temporarily make us feel more alert by blocking sleep-inducing chemicals in the brain and increasing adrenaline production.

4. Coffee helps you lose weight.


Caffeine may give you the boost you need to go to the gym, but it does not make you lose weight. It may increase your metabolism or diminish your hunger for a short while, but not enough to benefit you in any weight loss.

5. Coffee makes your skin look GREAT!


Healthline says that the CGAs in coffee have both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Combined with the natural exfoliation of coffee grounds, all these benefits can collectively fight acne. It can also reduce cellulite by dilating blood vessels beneath the skin and promoting blood flow. This dilation can also reduce dark circles under eyes and decrease the appearance of sunspots!

Now that we have conquered some of the myths and facts about coffee, we hope you have had your own “ah-ha” moment and feel empowered to choose the right drink for you. Meanwhile, we’ll be over here sipping on our latest offering and thinking about the next topic we should write about….

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

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