Ground Zero: What can I do with my leftovers?

Ground Zero: What can I do with my leftovers?

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Get Creative with Coffee Grounds!

Did you know that there are actually many uses for coffee grounds - you know, the ones you usually throw away after brewing your morning cup? With an effort to be sustainable in all parts of life, it's important to recycle everything that we can. Besides making tasty coffee, Lanna coffee grounds can also be used for a variety of functions and even for fun activities.

Recycling and reusing your coffee grounds will help you save money on plenty of household tasks and chores with the environment in mind, and they can even be used for skin and hair care. Knowing the many uses of coffee grounds can take your love of coffee to a whole new level.

Use those Grounds At Home and In The Garden

Coffee grounds have a number of surprising uses for your household due to their acidity. Acting a lot like baking soda, coffee grounds are able to eliminate odors from foods. Rubbing your hands with the grounds after slicing alliums like onions will get rid of the stinky, strong smell. Storing strong-smelling food is also a worry you can forget if you place a container of coffee grounds in your refrigerator or freezer. For the purposes of sustainability and avoiding harmful toxins, the grounds can also be used to do things like:

  • Remove scuffs from furniture
  • Clean the fireplace
  • Scour pots and pans
  • Keep certain insects away, like roaches

In the garden, you can use coffee grounds for enhancing the growth of many plants, as long as you make sure your grounds are pesticide-free. Otherwise, the vegetables your growing will be filled with dangerous pesticides that can lead to health problems. Mixing the grounds into your compost pile or using them as food for your plants that hunger for acidic nutrients, such as blueberries and hydrangeas, is a simple way to avoid environmentally-unsafe fertilizer. Coffee grounds are also known to work well with carrot seeds and improve the vegetable’s strength and stock. 

Body and Skin Care Made Easy

In addition to using coffee grounds for the betterment of your household and gardening endeavors, there are a variety of health tips that can be attributed to recycled grounds. Massaging the grounds into your hair before you wash with shampoo will remove any build-up from products like hairspray or spritzes. Making homemade soap from the grounds is also an effective way of delivering an extra boost of caffeine to your body.

A great way to naturally exfoliate your skin is to use coffee grounds as a body scrub or facial treat, so long as the grounds are pesticide-free. Again, many coffee plants are grown with harmful fertilizers, so it is essential to buy an organic brand to avoid health issues that could develop by ingesting such chemicals, like cancer or fertility troubles. Buying coffee grounds that are entirely natural means that you won’t be feeding your skin any unhealthy chemicals that are usually found in other scrubs. The grounds are known to break down dead skin cells for gentle exfoliation and can even help to reduce cellulite. And, it's also better for the environment to select organic brands that are not grown with manufactured chemicals, so both you and your world can thrive.

Next time you go to toss those used coffee grounds in the garbage, make sure to keep in mind the environment and the many uses of coffee grounds for your home and personal care.  



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