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Escape Fresno’s Summer Heat with Nitro Cold Brew

By Bold Apps August 15, 2017

 Summer in Fresno can reach over 100 degrees...

What is there to cool down with in this heat?

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee!


Nitro cold brew is made by infusing nitrogen with cold brew. “Nitrogen gas is released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes. As high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect” (Krasny).

Nitro cold brew is pressurized and poured from a tap, adding body and the "fizz" of a beer. Nitro cold brew tastes best when it’s freshly poured and infused with nitrogen. If you let it sit for too long, the nitrogen fades away and what you end up with is flat cold brew. This is why nitro cold brew is not ideal for bottling and shipping, but enjoying in the moment on a hot summer day.

Keep this in mind though, nitrogen does not change or add to the original cold brew flavor. In terms of flavor, all nitrogen does is enhance and make the flavor stronger: nothing changed. The smooth, foamy, and rich texture of nitro cold brew is the way to go.

Escape the summer heat and come on by Lanna Coffee Co in Downtown Fresno to taste your very own cup of nitro cold brew, fresh from the tap... or visit one of our partner locations and grab a drink with your friends.


Lanna Coffee Cold Brew can be found on tap at these Fresno, CA establishments (more on it's way): Goldstein's Mortuary & Delicatessen, Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden, Full Circle Brewery, Lanna Coffee Co., The Revue.


Krasny, Jill. "This Is the Best Iced Coffee You Will Drink All Summer." Esquire. Hearst Communications, Inc., 09 June 2015. Web. 12 June 2017.
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Written by 2017 Summer Intern: Pa Lee.

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