What is Shade Grown? The Importance of Coffee Being Shade Grown

When shopping for coffee have you ever come across fancy terms you didn’t fully understand? Well coffee and the roasting process is complex, so in this blog post I want to explain the importance of growing coffee in a shade grown environment and how it contributes to ecological sustainability. Here at Lanna Coffee, we care that our coffee is grown in a shade grown environment because it has positive environmental impacts and long term benefits.

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Journey of our Coffee: From Coffee Tree in Thailand to Your Cup

Want to know what makes our coffee so unique and special? The journey includes many critical individuals from the FARMER to you the SUPPORTER AND PURCHASER of our delicious Thai Coffee!  How do you kick start your morning? If you're like 54% of Americans, you probably gravitate towards a freshly brewed cup o' Joe. Have you ever thought about the journey of a cup of coffee? Coffee trails are generally quite long and go through many helping hands. Here at Lanna coffee, we aim to contribute our fair part of working with villagers in the hill tribes of northern Thailand. 

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