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What is a coffee bean?

Having a bit of knowledge about the process of coffee is neat in having a connection to what makes your morning coffee so incredible. Use this information to boggle some minds and to stay connected to the hard work that our farmers are putting in on a yearly basis. 

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How coffee is processed (natural/honey/wet)

There are primarily 3 different ways to process coffee once it is picked off of the tree.  (To learn more about what a coffee bean (or seed) is, visit this post) 1) Natural - When the coffee is picked off the tree, it is dried immediately on the drying beds (with the seed inside). The drying could take quite a while (up to 4 weeks) then taken to a mill to be harvested, which involves removing the bean from the cherry. The process keeps many of the fruit flavors with the beans still (many describe natural processed coffee with various hints...

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History of Thailand Coffee

Coffee has been around for centuries originating in the Middle East, but in recent years coffee from Thailand has gained popularity for it's quality and perfect location to grow Arabica coffee. Now Thailand is growing strong in the coffee production. The Arabica plant thrives in areas of heavy rainfall and higher elevations, so the hill tribes of Thailand are perfect. Arabica beans are commonly grown in the Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand. The other type of coffee bean, Robusta, is grown in the southern parts of Thailand. 

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How to Make a Traditional Thai Ice Coffee

Interested in learning a new way to enjoy Lanna Coffee? We decided to go back to our roots and share with you how to make a traditional Thai Ice Coffee. We know you will enjoy the sweetness and the bold coffee flavors of this refreshing drink. This traditional Thai drink is very common in Thailand and sold by vendors on the street as well as is often offered in Thai restaurants. There are also some variations and ways you can add your own personal flair to this delicious drink.

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