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Millennials and Coffee - Lanna Coffee Co.

Millennials and Coffee

The term “Millennial” is thrown around so often in the news and social media, even causing debates about our president on Twitter.  This term has become a buzzword because the people who comprise the meaning sure seem to make a lot of noise. What I mean by saying they “make a lot of noise” is that statistically, this group is spending more money on entertainment and food than the generations (plural) before them (The Experience Movement).  So, who are Millennials? The technical term means: “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.” Common acceptance of the generation of...

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The Magic Ratio for Great Coffee - Lanna Coffee Co.

The Magic Ratio for Great Coffee

Have you ever been sitting in front of a coffee maker with a bag of fresh Lanna Coffee on the counter and asked the following question? “How much coffee should I use?” This is a question that comes up regularly, whether you’re brewing coffee at home, a restaurant, or even a coffee shop. Well, prior to owning a coffee company, I used to wonder the same thing until I discovered what we call at Lanna Coffee Co. the “magic ratio.” Before learning this, it seemed the best way to determine how much coffee to brew was to ‘eye’ it by...

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Organic Matters with Coffee Too - Lanna Coffee Co.

Organic Matters with Coffee Too

A topic that has become increasingly important with our current generation of shoppers is eating and drinking “clean.” While clean doesn’t involve running your food through some sort of rinse cycle, it does involve consuming food that is free from additives. These additives often include chemicals and pesticides. Since the products that we put into our body serve as fuel for the days ahead, it’s important to be mindful of these products and select ones that improve our overall well-being. At this point you’re probably wondering, “That sounds great, but what does this have to do with coffee? This is...

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New Cold Brew Flavor Released! - Lanna Coffee Co.

New Cold Brew Flavor Released!

 Our newest cold brew product was released this July and we couldn't bee more excited!      Drum Roll Please…. Our Honey Cold Brew is officially brewed/bottled and available for consumption. Honey Cold Brew you may ask, how and why did Lanna create such a product? When the idea was presented to look at an option to add a sweetened cold brew coffee to our line up, our R&D Department wanted to find a product that was natural, delicious and would obviously blend incredibly well with our Thai Coffee.    Honey is a product that is often added instinctively to...

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