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New Cold Brew Flavor Released! - Lanna Coffee Co.

New Cold Brew Flavor Released!

 Our newest cold brew product was released this July and we couldn't bee more excited!      Drum Roll Please…. Our Honey Cold Brew is officially brewed/bottled and available for consumption. Honey Cold Brew you may ask, how and why did Lanna create such a product? When the idea was presented to look at an option to add a sweetened cold brew coffee to our line up, our R&D Department wanted to find a product that was natural, delicious and would obviously blend incredibly well with our Thai Coffee.    Honey is a product that is often added instinctively to...

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The Buzz about the Lanna Coffee Project - Lanna Coffee Co.

The Buzz about the Lanna Coffee Project

The Lanna Coffee Project at First Chinese Baptist Church (FCBC), San Fransisco just completed eleven years of service! Lanna coffee is grown in Northern Thailand by hillside farmers who, with the help of American Baptist’s International Ministries (IM), work toward economic stability.    IM and Intertribal Development Project (ITDP) help bring Lanna’s Arabica coffee beans to market.  With improved livelihood, the farmers are less likely to send their daughters to work in the cities where they are often subjected to labor exploitation.   FCBC’s project also supports two International Ministry homes in Chiang Mai:  The House of Love, a nurturing home...

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We now have a new line of coffee packaging and products! In Summer of 2015 we released our current craft bag and it was a welcomed change from what was in previous existence. However, we are now thrilled to show you our new packaging that will be with us for many more years to come. We have a similar bag with zipper pouch (now located on back) with 1 way valve to get co2 out and keep oxygen from going in. However the most exciting thing is with the change in new bag design we have a new segment of village specific coffees....

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Kelly Goes to Thailand - Lanna Coffee Co.

Kelly Goes to Thailand

How do I describe what it’s like to see a dream fulfilled… or to see the faces of those I’ve heard of for so long or the ones seen only in photographs? It’s been a whirlwind of joy and so humbling to be here in Ma Oh Jo, Thailand. I’m humbled by God’s faithfulness, by the belief my friends, family and co-workers have in me, by this opportunity and by the people who truly believe in partnering with me to make a difference in this world.         Each morning as I head out of my hut down the dirt pathway...

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