The Buzz about the Lanna Coffee Project

The Buzz about the Lanna Coffee Project

The Lanna Coffee Project at First Chinese Baptist Church (FCBC), San Fransisco just completed eleven years of service!

Lanna coffee is grown in Northern Thailand by hillside farmers who, with the help of American Baptist’s International Ministries (IM), work toward economic stability.    IM and Intertribal Development Project (ITDP) help bring Lanna’s Arabica coffee beans to market.  With improved livelihood, the farmers are less likely to send their daughters to work in the cities where they are often subjected to labor exploitation.  

FCBC’s project also supports two International Ministry homes in Chiang Mai:  The House of Love, a nurturing home for women and children who are HIV positive and/or are afflicted with AIDS; and The New Life Center, a training center for women recovering from labor exploitation.  

In 2017, we sold approximately 250 bags of coffee.  We will also be sending $5000 from 2017 profits and donations to the two IM homes in Chiang Mai.  We are truly grateful for the generosity of members and friends of FCBC who support the mission of the Lanna Coffee Project!

The project’s committee members include Shirlene Leong Nakano, chairperson, Carolyn Hee, Wallace Choy, Howard Lee, Bonnie Lim, Tommy Lim and Aaron Tom.  In addition to  promoting the sales of Lanna Coffee, we have become a group of friends who share a common passion for spreading the love of Jesus Christ and for improving the lives of Thai hillside farmers and Thai women.  



Written by Shirlene Leong Nakano

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