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Why You Should Buy Shade-Grown Coffee - Lanna Coffee Co.

Why You Should Buy Shade-Grown Coffee

For most of us, coffee is part of what initiates us into the day when we wake up. Have you ever stopped and thought about how your magical brew is grown? What if I told you that growing coffee threatens the habitats of birds? What if you could fix this without doing anything, but sipping? 

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New Cold Brew Flavor Released! - Lanna Coffee Co.

New Cold Brew Flavor Released!

 Our newest cold brew product was released this July and we couldn't bee more excited!      Drum Roll Please…. Our Honey Cold Brew is officially brewed/bottled and available for consumption. Honey Cold Brew you may ask, how and why did Lanna create such a product? When the idea was presented to look at an option to add a sweetened cold brew coffee to our line up, our R&D Department wanted to find a product that was natural, delicious and would obviously blend incredibly well with our Thai Coffee.    Honey is a product that is often added instinctively to...

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