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From Crop to Cup: The Incredible Journey of a Coffee Bean - Lanna Coffee Co.

From Crop to Cup: The Incredible Journey of a Coffee Bean

The story has been told of where a great cup starts. The tale of a farmer who plants a coffee tree, cares for it, harvests its fruit, removes the seeds, and sends them away to find their home in a cup. A great cup starts on the tree, in the caring hands of a farmer. But where can the greatness end? Where can it all go wrong? For us coffee drinkers, it might be easy to see the farmer and not truly understand all the toil not just to start a great cup but to keep it great. A farmer...

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Organic Matters with Coffee Too - Lanna Coffee Co.

Organic Matters with Coffee Too

A topic that has become increasingly important with our current generation of shoppers is eating and drinking “clean.” While clean doesn’t involve running your food through some sort of rinse cycle, it does involve consuming food that is free from additives. These additives often include chemicals and pesticides. Since the products that we put into our body serve as fuel for the days ahead, it’s important to be mindful of these products and select ones that improve our overall well-being. At this point you’re probably wondering, “That sounds great, but what does this have to do with coffee? This is...

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The Village of Som Poi - Lanna Coffee Co.

The Village of Som Poi

 Around 150 years ago, Karen Tribe villagers from Burma crossed into Thailand and started the village of Som Poi. They have been at the current location for about 70 years, now, with most of the villagers still originally from Burma. Before moving to the current location, many people were getting sick and dying from a disease in their area of Thailand which is what prompted the move into the area of Som Poi they are at today.   There are 575 Villagers with 37 members in the I.T.D.P. Co- op. They are all from the same tribe, which is Karen.  Som Poi is...

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We now have a new line of coffee packaging and products! In Summer of 2015 we released our current craft bag and it was a welcomed change from what was in previous existence. However, we are now thrilled to show you our new packaging that will be with us for many more years to come. We have a similar bag with zipper pouch (now located on back) with 1 way valve to get co2 out and keep oxygen from going in. However the most exciting thing is with the change in new bag design we have a new segment of village specific coffees....

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