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A Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away? - Lanna Coffee Co.

A Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Reducing Inflammation and Slowing Aging with Organic Coffee Everyone seems to be looking for a miracle cure for aging, but the answer might be much closer than we think. Research has shown that one of the most consumed substances in the world can actually have a tremendous positive impact on health: caffeine. Drinking healthy caffeinated beverages can reduce inflammation, which is the cause of many age-related diseases. And, most importantly, drinking a cup of coffee is as easy as it’s ever been. Inflammation Inflammation is a general term used to describe when the body protects itself through an immune reaction. In...

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Ground Zero: What can I do with my leftovers? - Lanna Coffee Co.

Ground Zero: What can I do with my leftovers?

Get Creative with Coffee Grounds! Did you know that there are actually many uses for coffee grounds - you know, the ones you usually throw away after brewing your morning cup? With an effort to be sustainable in all parts of life, it's important to recycle everything that we can. Besides making tasty coffee, Lanna coffee grounds can also be used for a variety of functions and even for fun activities. Recycling and reusing your coffee grounds will help you save money on plenty of household tasks and chores with the environment in mind, and they can even be used...

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Lanna Goes to Seattle! - Lanna Coffee Co.

Lanna Goes to Seattle!

GUEST BLOG BY KELLY MITCHINSON The venue was buzzing. Literally, the loud murmur of  thousands of people discussing all things coffee, drinking shots of espresso, debating about quality and flavor profiles, asking about the best techniques, the newest trends, filters you need, tampers to use, grinding machines, where you source from, where you should be sourcing from, processing methods…. and on and on and on… Just walking through the 2017 SPECIALTY COFFEE ASSOCIATION GLOBAL EXPO at the Washington State Convention Center could make you buzzed, yet alone the 'All You Can Drink' shots of gloriously, good espresso. This past month a...

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