Introducing Doi Wiang Natural

Doi Wiang natural process whole bean coffee

Last week we added a new coffee to our single-origin lineup, Doi Wiang Natural. This particular coffee is a reflection of just how far coffee has come in Thailand since its inception. The village of Doi Wiang, which is located in the Chiang Mai region of Northern Thailand, sits at the highest elevation of all the villages we source from in Thailand. 

Coffee grown at higher elevation receives a number of different benefits. For example, the high altitude enhances the flavor of the coffee due to cooler mountain temperatures. These temperatures allow the coffee to go through a slower maturation process, producing more complex flavors.

While there are a number of important factors that influence the flavor of a coffee bean, high altitude are generally found to be more floral with sweeter notes. This is exactly what we found in our Doi Wiang Natural. Not only has the altitude played a critical role in producing a quality coffee bean, but the natural process has produced a sweeter more complex coffee that's bursting with flavor. We believe our Doi Wiang Natural tastes a little like raspberry jam spread over a shortbread coffee. 

To learn more about this coffee, check out our Roaster's Profile below and pick up a bag to try it for yourself. We're offering free shipping on all online orders, and if you live in Clovis or Fresno we'll even deliver it right to your door. 


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