Our Story

Great coffee for you equals clean water for them.

This coffee provides clean water for villages in Northern Thailand. Make a difference with your morning ritual every time you brew Lanna. 


Our story can be traced back over 55 years to Richard and Marlene Mann who are considered Thailand’s coffee pioneers. Richard and Marlene came to Thailand in 1959 with the goal of seeing Thai highland villages become self-sustainable and free from the oppression of the drug cartels and human traffickers that inhabited the area. The solution came in the form of a coffee plant.

The Manns (Richard's son Mike) started an organization called The Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP), which slowly began working one village at a time, with the hope of eventually freeing all of northern Thailand of poverty. Today, over 25 villages are growing coffee, and all crops are owned 100% by the villagers.

Lanna Coffee Co works alongside ITDP and the villagers to purchase that coffee, often paying beyond the Fair Trade value. This allows villagers to be self-sustainable while Lanna Coffee Co works to further support the cause by offering this specialty coffee to the U.S. market.

Profits of Lanna continue to go back to Thailand to help with clean water projects. 

Having access to clean water is often taken for granted in the United States, however this is vital to the health of all of the villagers with work alongside and generations to come. By building simple gravity feed water tanks (using simple gravel, sand and charcoal) villagers are able to avoid disease and live healthier. Read more HERE:


Though Lanna Coffee Co is passionate about the cause of helping hill tribe people achieve a better life, we also take great pride in offering our customers a specialty product that will never disappoint.

Our coffee’s low acidity level offers a gentle flavor without the burnt bitter aftertaste, no matter what roast profile you prefer. By taking our time and delivering a high quality product, as well as being focused on a holistic approach to delivering coffee from source to cup, we provide an unmatched coffee drinking experience for our customers that we hope you enjoy.

Every green coffee bean we purchase provides economic stability for the hill tribe farmers of northern Thailand and their families. Additionally, 25% of Lanna Coffee Co profits are used to provide educational and medical opportunities and to provide infrastructure like clean water to the hill tribes. It is this holistic approach that supports our claim of providing great coffee with an even greater purpose.

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