Things we love about coffee  

Coffee serves so many purposes familiar to all of us, like greeting the day, extending the night, bonding with friends, or enhancing our favorite cookies. Relationships are built and sustained over a cup of coffee every minute of every day.

At Lanna Coffee Co., coffee has an additional purpose. It’s the catalyst for a better future for struggling villagers in Northern Thailand. They have a perfect combination of elements to produce year-round unmatched coffee. What they didn’t have was water. And without water, nothing grows including the people.  Our purpose became clear. We would commit to donating 15 cents for every pound of coffee sold to bring gravity feed water tanks to these villages. Now, everything is in place to deliver some amazing coffee!  Grown in Thailand. Roasted in the U.S.

families enjoying lanna coffee around the kitchen table

OUR MISSION: To help farmers in Thailand gain independence by growing some of the best coffee in the world.

OUR PATH: To provide the tools for growth including clean water and a market for their product.


Truly good coffee

We’re a small group of coffee lovers who feel so lucky to be able to deliver a standout product at a profit that we can use to help change lives. We import and roast some of the best coffee the world produces. Then we deliver it to people who love exceptional coffee. Our customers range from churches to retailers to coffee shops, businesses and organizations that appreciate specialty items that serve a purpose beyond profit.

lanna coffee being delivered to wholesale partners


  • CAREFULLY SOURCED. Our beans are primarily from a single source, but you'll always know their history. 
  • SHADE GROWN. Our coffee requires no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
  • FAIRLY TRADED. We treat growers and the environment with respect. 

You can learn about our process here


Goodness from the very beginning.

Richard, Marlene and their son Mike Mann are considered Thailand’s coffee pioneers.

They went to the hills of Northern Thailand in 1959 on a mission to free the villagers from the oppression having to rely on drug cartels to make a living.

The heavily treed high-altitude terrain, climate and soil proved ideal for coffee. In 1961, Richard began introducing hybrid seedlings to villagers. Over fifty years ago, he helped plant the first tree in Som Poi village. The program was so successful, that the United Nations recruited him to head an opium eradication project that succeeded by providing a viable replacement business for the hill people in Thailand – coffee.

village in thailand the grows lanna coffee

Partners on the path to a better future.

In 1959, the Manns founded the Integrated Tribal Development Program, an NGO headquartered in Lanna Village in Chang Mai province. Slowly, partnering with one village at a time, the Program expanded its reach and impact. Today, over 40 villages grow coffee beans as part of the first fair trade coffee co-op in Thailand. The Integrated Tribal Development Program together with The Lanna Foundation, provides clean water, healthcare and agricultural opportunities to villages throughout Thailand with the proceeds from the coffee we roast and sell.

water projects in Thailand

400 farms In Northern Thailand are 100% farmer-owned. We deal directly with these farmers who supply us with single source, pesticide-free coffee.  Won’t you join us on this rewarding meaningful journey? Like so many relationships, it starts with a cup of coffee.