The Village of Som Poi - Lanna Coffee Co.

The Village of Som Poi

 Around 150 years ago, Karen Tribe villagers from Burma crossed into Thailand and started the village of Som Poi. They have been at the current location for about 70 years, now, with most of the villagers still originally from Burma. Before moving to the current location, many people were getting sick and dying from a disease in their area of Thailand which is what prompted the move into the area of Som Poi they are at today.   There are 575 Villagers with 37 members in the I.T.D.P. Co- op. They are all from the same tribe, which is Karen.  Som Poi is...

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Farmer Highlight: Song San - Lanna Coffee Co.

Farmer Highlight: Song San

Song San Mawitalai Tribal Group: Akha Village: Doi Chang Altitude: 1400 meters Region: Chiang Rai   Q: How is it to be a part of this co-op? A: I enjoy this co-op very much. It provides me with stability, so I don’t have to worry each year about finding markets, and I can just focus on producing a quality cherry. Having a dependable co-op is important, because some farmers will just sell to the highest bidder, and although that may help them this year, it does not guarantee them a market for next year. This brings down the quota for...

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The Village of Pa Kha - Lanna Coffee Co.

The Village of Pa Kha

  Pa Kha has been a village in which our partners, Integrated Tribal Development Program have been heavily involved with for over 20 years.  The first clean water system being built in 199, with a school shortly following and now coffee growing heavily in the village as a means of economic stability. Pha Kha literally translates to “forest of Kha”. “Kha is a type of tree that grows in the area. It is in the Lampang Province of Northern Thailand.   The village is comprised of mainly the Lahu tribe with some Karen villagers as well, for a total of...

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Why Coffee Grounds Make the Best Garden Fertilizer - Lanna Coffee Co.

Why Coffee Grounds Make the Best Garden Fertilizer

Around two-thirds of all American adults start their day with coffee.... as of 2014, every third household in the US is growing their own food, at least partially. While these two things seem completely disconnected, there is a possible specific symbiotic relationship between the two. What most people don’t realize is how amazing the used up coffee grounds can be for your garden! Now, I am aware that many of us get our coffee from coffee shops, but that doesn’t have to deter us in our quest for the best fertilizer. In fact, many coffee shops will give used up...

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